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Polyaluminium Chloride 1327-41-9
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Product: Views:38Polyaluminium Chloride 1327-41-9 
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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Water Treatment Chemicals

Polyaluminium Chloride
CAS NO : 1327-41-9
EC NO : 215-477-2
MF : Al2Cl(OH)5
MW : 174.45
Packing : 25kg woven bag inner-lined with two-layer PE bag or on customers request.
Product description : Chemical Name: Polyaluminium Chloride CAS No.: 1327-41-9 Einecs No.: 215-477-2 Product Type: Waste water grade Product Process: Spray Drying Product Code: CSKG-PAC003 Specification: Physical and Chemical properties Appearance Yellow powder Al2O3% ≥30 Basicity% 40--90 Insoluble matter in water% ≤1.0 PH Value(1% water solution) 3.5-5.0 Fe% ≤3.0 As% ≤0.0002 Pb% ≤0.0009 Cd% ≤0.0002 Hg% ≤0.00005 Cr 6+% ≤0.0002 Usage: wildly used in the purification of table water,industry water, industry circulation water and wasted and polluted water from pharmacy industry, paper making industry and printing and dying industry, as well as life wasted water. It has the advantages of low cost, less consuption, and an excellent purification effect. Packing: 25kg woven bag inner-lined with two-layer PE bag or on customers request. Storage: shall be sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight.
Synonyms : Aluminum chlorohydrate (anhydrous);Aluminum hydroxychloride;Aluminum oxychloride;ACH 325;ACH 331;ACH 7-321;Aloxicoll;Aluminol ACH;Aluminum chlorhydrate;Aluminum chlorhydroxide;Aluminum chloride hydroxide;Aluminum chloride hydroxide oxide, basic;Aluminum chloride oxide;Aluminum chlorohydrol;Aluminum chlorohydroxide;Aluminum hydroxide chloride;Aquarhone 18;Astringen;Astringen 10;Banoltan White;Basic aluminum chloride;Basic aluminum chloride, hydrate;Berukotan AC-P;Cartafix LA;Cawood 5025;Chlorhydrol;Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry;Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry SUF;Dialuminium-chlorid-pentahydroxid;E 200;E 200 (coagulant);Gelsica;HPB 5025;Hessidrex WT;Hydral;Hydrofugal;Kempac 10;Kempac 20;Kemwater PAX 14;Locron;Locron P;Locron S;Nalco 8676;OCAL;Oulupac 180;PAC;PAC (salt);PAC 250A;PAC 250AD;PACK 300M;PALC;Paho 2S;Sansudor;UNII-HPN8MZW13M;Wickenol cps 325;Aluminum chloride, basic;[AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m;aluminum trichloride;Polyaluminum chloride;Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC);Poly aluminium chloride;
Molecular Structure : Polyaluminium Chloride 1327-41-9

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